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Take a Ride on The Final Curve!

The Final CurveOn a rainy January night before the convening of the Georgia General Assembly, Henry Perkins, fired and disgraced former state employee, hydroplanes, plunging to his death. Ten years later three prominent legislators die in car accidents almost recreating his death. There’s a nagging question on the hill: Is it mishap or murder?

The Player

Marcus Norwood has it all . . . or so it seems. Fueled by memories of abandonment, poverty and cruelty he has clawed his way to wealth and power. With charm, street smarts, good looks and a manipulative agenda he has climbed over anything and anyone in his way. Marcus is living the life of his dreams . . . but his nightmare is just beginning. The governor’s powerful and ruthless chief of staff is hiding a terrible secret. He soon learns that lies can be deadly and when ugly skeletons rattle out of the closet they almost always trip you up.

The Pawns

Lessye McLemore – The beautiful and talented woman who captures Marcus’ heart. Will her devotion to him jeopardize her future?

Renae Stewart – The nervous and secretive House secretary harbors a strong desire for revenge.

Randy Joe Reynolds - A devious and vicious state representative, who will risk everything to promote his twisted agenda and protect the legacy of his peach empire.

Lena Lawrence – This savvy and seductive legislative aide has an insatiable lust for love and money.

Sean Ryan – The cynical and sneaky news reporter will do anything and sell out anyone for a story.

The Final Curve is a compelling, suspenseful and fictional tale of love, lies and deception under the gold dome.

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Praise for To Silence Her Memory!

To Silence Her Memory“A nail-biting, who-dun-it based in Atlanta.”
–Hal Lamar, The Atlanta Voice Newspaper

“A unique story line . . . Doreen, Matthew and Byron are a breath of fresh air in terms of characters.  The villain is also a unique one with multiple layers of lies, deceit and nastiness . . . It was a joy to read.”
–L. Raven James, The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

A real page turner and plot twister . . . I can’t wait for the movie.”
–Art Searles, Albany Southwest Georgian Newspaper

“ . . . a chilling ride through the pages of Hot ‘Lanta.”
–TLC Atlanta Book Club

“We had a wonderful time reviewing the book.   Overwhelmingly people enjoyed [it] . . .”
–Onyx Book Club, Atlanta

“Truly one of the best books I have read in a while . . . this one was a page turner.  I anxiously await Ms. Owens’ next novel. This one was a gem.”
–Lynn Graves, Literary Ladies of Excellence Book Club, Atlanta

“It was an easy read . . . a real page turner.  The descriptions made you visualize the characters.”
–The Ebony Ya-Yas Book Club, Columbus, Ohio

“On a scale of one to ten with ten being the highest.  This one rates a nine.”
–The Southwest Regional Library Book Club, Atlanta

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